Referrals Referrals Referrals!!

Ready to Earn Free Service & More



By joining our Referral Program!


How does this work?

  • You purchase the service and ask for a referral code
  • You distribute the code anyone you know
  • The referral code is used to make a Qualifying Purchase
  • For each purchase made you receive the equivalent of $2 credited (1 day) to your account
  • 10 referrals with Qualifying Purchases = Free Service for you

What is a qualifying purchase?

Any purchase of 1 month, 3months or 6 months along with the reference code given is a Qualifier

Where can I sign up?

Go to Chat at the Bottom Right of the screen or email us at

We will give you a referral code to hand out and begin recording each qualifying

purchase to your Account.


What if I sell more than 10 in a month?

We will Venmo an amount what you’ve earned the previous month on the 1st of the Month.


How long would I receive these referral credits?

You will receive the credits if your reference continues to stay active with our service.

They continue to purchase month after month, credit keeps being added and building.